Socio-environmental Policy

AMAGGI operates in the agricultural and soybean production, origination, grains processing and commercialization inputs (fertilizers, seeds, chemicals), energy, port administration and inland waterway transport.

The Socio-environmental Policy reaffirms our commitment to act in a socially fair, environmentally responsible and economically viable manner. AMAGGI’s performance is based on transparent and good governance principles. To this end, environmental protection, minimization of socio-environmental risks and the search for continuous improvement that meets the needs and expectations of all interested parties are required.

1. Compliance to applicable legal or other requirements underwritten by the organization related to its socio-environmental aspects.

2. Improve our processes, seeking the pollution and social impacts prevention, greenhouse emissions management and continuous socio-environmental performance improvement in our operations and value chain.

3. Adopt good socio-environmental practices in order to minimize accidents, negative impacts and create shared value.

4. Engage business partners and key stakeholders in social and environmental responsibility.

5. Promote respect for Human Rights and decent work in its operations and value chain.

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