Meeting of the Development Group of principles and criteria of the RTRS

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) aims to prepare, deploy and monitor dialogues among all stakeholders to promote production, processing and responsible commercialization of responsible soybean. The RTRS, with a large number of stakeholders, is searching for a definition of responsible soy with principles and criteria covering environmental, economic and social features.

The RTRS was launched by a group of organizations and companies committed to the concept of responsible production, processing and commercialization of soybeans. André Maggi Group is part of this initiative, now with 120 members from 15 countries. The Group took part in the first two stages of the RTRS, the first one by identifying the most significant environmental and social impacts of soybean production in a workshop in São Paulo.

The second stage developed a set of basic or standardized requirements expressed as principles, criteria and verifiable indicators that define the responsible production of soybeans and the initial processing of the soybeans, along with the verification mechanism of its application.

The elaboration of the principles and criteria, as well as indicators and globally applicable verification mechanisms was the mission of the Development Group (DG), a group comprising a wide range of stakeholders interested in the soybean chain, selected to represent the diverse interests and experiences of three groups from the RTRS: Manufacturers / Industry, Trade and Finance / Civil Society.

After 5 meetings of the DG, the set of Principles & Criteria was approved by the General Assembly in May/2009 in Campinas-SP. André Maggi Group is part of the field test phase of the Principles & Criteria of RTRS, offering 2 properties that belong to the Group and 2 properties from its supply chain. It also participates in the Executive Committee, the National Technical Group (Brazil) and the Traceability and Market Claim Working Group.

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