The policies of AMAGGI are the guidelines or courses of action that characterize the company and its relationship with society. See below some of the major general policies of AMAGGI. In addition to the general policies, the Group also has specific policies, rules and standard procedures that are disseminated through specific software and forms of communication. All employees are trained and kept informed of updates by their superiors and the management system. Each person must be kept up-to-date with the changes and accomplish them in the development of their activities in order to promote continuous improvement. It is the responsibility of the company to keep updating these documents, thereby maintaining the transparency of its management model.

Corporate Management To practice professional management that promotes sustainable economic development and continuous improvement, from the treatment of the shareholders to transparency in financial management, full accountability by administrators and corporate responsibility, thereby ensuring the best result for the group and its longevity.
Human Resources To attract, develop and retain people, providing conditions for their personal and professional developments in a healthy environment that encourages innovation, creativity, learning and harmony, respecting human beings and their diversity through transparent relationships which make the company an excellent place to learn, do, be and live.
Sustainability To promote sustainability in all business and management activities, through the management of economic, social and environmental factors, to achieve a performance compatible with the goal of sustainable development, seeking to positively influence the quality of life for future generations.
Quality To promote and maintain high quality standards through continuous improvement in processes, to meet the needs of our customers.
Communication To create, maintain and consolidate the positive image of AMAGGI through communication flows that facilitate the interaction with all stakeholders, ensuring the accuracy of information within a process of reciprocal influence. Valuing Diversity Policy: Promote and enhance all diversity, in order to strengthen mutual respect among people, recognizing their individuality, with the objective of setting new standards for working together based on socially fair relationships.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy To provide a healthy environment and safe working conditions, according to the legislation of safety and occupational medicine in force, evaluating, preventing, controlling and eliminating risks of incidents and / or accidents, through the continuous improvement of processes and labor activities.

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