A very special grain

Five thousand years ago when the Chinese domesticated and crossed wide species of low-lying plants that grew along the Yangtze river, they simply wanted to produce a grain to enrich the diet in their country. They could not imagine that this production would be absorbed by other civilizations and have such a wide array of applications.

It is probable that you have not noticed the extent that soy is a part of your life. The most well-known and highest volume products originating from soybean grains are soy bran and oil, the former primarily consumed as animal feed and the latter used both in industrial processes and domestic kitchens as vegetable oil to fry with, in pasta dishes and for other uses. There is also texturized soy that is much utilized in mixtures with meat, an ingredient in hamburgers, hot-dogs and other products.

Soy oil is also widely utilized in industrialized food products such as margarine and tinned sardines for example, and has sub-products used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The advantage of soy over other grains is its high protein content and a series of elements considered to have high nutritional value and relevance to human health.


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