Mr. André Maggi, founder of AMAGGI

Mr. André Maggi. Click on the image and know the story of the founder of AMAGGI.

AMAGGI was founded in Sao Miguel do Iguacu, in 1977, in Paraná State, under the name of Sementes Maggi – operating ininitially in seed production and commercialization of crops. It was the entrepreneurial vision of Mr. André Ant ôni o Ma gg i , that led to a transformation process, first expanding the activities of the company to the planting of soybeans. The acquisition of land in Mato Grosso, in the 80’s, enabled the group to begin oilseed production and an expansion of business activities. The results were impressive: over the years, the Group evolved into a substantial holding company comprised of four business divisions: Commodities, Agro , Energy and Navigation. This history of grow hand development is also marked by significant contributions to society. The construction of the city of Sapezal and the creation of the Northwest Export Corridor, which enabled the flow of grain production from northwestern Mato Grosso and southern Rondonia by the waterway of Madeira and Amazonas are examples of the support of AMAGGI to local development. The founder of the group died on April 22, 2001, aged 74, and left as a major example for shareholders, employees and partners, his entrepreneurial spirit and future vision.

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