The main activities of AMAGGI are in the areas of grain origination and commercialization, agricultural production, soybean seeds, fertilizers, soybean processing, fluvial transport and power generation. These activities are strategically divided into business divisions and are supported by the corporate areas. This ensures unified actions, while, respecting the cultural diversity of its units. Meet the activities of  AMAGGI:

Origination and Commercialization of Grains: these are among the main focuses of AMAGGI businesses and are developed through AMAGGI Commodities. We provide inputs and resources for the planting of soybeans, in addition to soy processing for export.


Agricultural Production: Through AMAGGI Agro, the company cultivates soybeans, cotton and corn, with leading technology and in a responsible way.


Soybean Seeds: The seeds produced by AMAGGI have quality and technology . Agreements with major research centers provide access to seeds of high productivity , which guarantees product of high reliability and competitiveness for the customers of the Group.


Fertilizers: In addition to importing specialty mixes and high quality raw material to meet the needs of farms of AMAGGI and its partners, AMAGGI also sells fertilizer manufactured by major national companies in the industry.


Soybean Processing: The activity is undertaken in three soybean crushing industries located in: Cuiabá (MT), with the capacity of 1,600 tons / day: Itacoatiara (AM), with the capacity of 2,000 tons / day: and Lucas do Rio Verde (MT), with the capacity of 3,000 tons / day. Of total amount produced, a portion of meal and oil is sold to the domestic market, while the balance is exported to the European, Australian and Asian markets.


Fluvial Transport: The Northwest Export Corridor was created by the company through AMAGGI Navigation. This made a new route for grain production outflow possible, from the Northwestern regions of Mato Grosso and Rondônia, through the Madeira River.


Port Management: The Group manages three important port units: the Porto Velho (RO) transhipment terminal, the Itacoatiara (AM) floating port and part of the Guarujá Bulk Terminal (GBT), where it shares the terminal with other companies operating in the same segment.


Energy: The Group generates power through two Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHEP) located in Sapezal (MT),and is also analyzing other energy opportunities. These activities are within the Energy Division.


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