Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine

ssoEach employee’s health and safety is a key factor at AMAGGI. The company has a team of skilled professionals distributed throughout the states of Mato Grosso, Rondônia, Amazonas and Pará. The main objective is the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.
In 2009, this job got even stronger because of the unification of Health and Safety Departments, becoming Special Services in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine. This positively affected work conduct, providing conditions for the SESMT to improve processes, promoting uniformity, but respecting each unit’s particularity. Additional plans inlcude: the elaboration of technical/legal documentation, training, deployment of precautionary instruments, hazard identification and risk control in the workplace, definition of (reactive and proactive) indicators, and others. All these initiatives call for a corporate analysis that facilitates standardization in the area.
The alignment of stated objectives and developed actions in the area is something that deserves attention too. Technical meetings between professionals happen frequently, helping standardization and systematization of the activities.

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