(Português) Atuação no exterior

Norway Maggi family holds 51% of the shares of the Norwegian company Denofa, through which it serves Scandinavian countries that value the non-transgenic soya. Engagement in this market contributes to strengthen the strategic planning of AMAGGI, which is to keep the development of the program non-GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) soya, moreover narrowing its relationship with customers.
Netherlands In July 2008 AMAGGI Netherlands was established in Rotterdam, which relies on an experienced team in business and performance in the agricultural commodities market. AMAGGI Netherlands is engaged in the export and import segment of agricultural products and, just in your first year of operation, it was accountable for the commercialization of about one million/tons of soya and derivatives.
Switzerland It was created in 2013, in Lausanne, with the focus on making feasible the trade of our products to Mediterranean and North Africa countries.
Argentina Launched in 2010, AMAGGI’s origination office is located in the capital, Buenos Aires, and currently responds to 15% of the grains commercialized by all the company.
Paraguay In 2014, the company started the activities in the origination’s office in Ciudad del’Este.

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