agro2agro1Respect to environment, working safety and people’s value are characteristics present in each productive process of AMAGGI, which starts in the field, with the production of soya, cotton and second-crop corn. The positive results achieved year by year by the Agricultural Division occur due to a strategic planning that involves investment in technology, costs management and environmental procedures.

The Good Agricultural Practices, which involve direct planting; crops rotation, triple washing and the proper disposal of agrochemical packaging, among other things, are a good example developed in the productive facilities of the Group. The twelve farms managed by the Agricultural Division are all located in Mato Grosso. Sapezal is the headquarters of Fazendas Tucunaré and Água Quente and the municipal district of Campo Novo do Parecis of the Itamarati farm. In the Southern region of the State, at Itiquira and Rondonópolis municipal districts the first facilities of the Group are located, the SM farms and in the Northeast region, the Tanguro farm is located.

It is worth to point out that Tanguro farm has own the environmental certification by the government of Mato Grosso, the Green Seal and that Tucunaré farms already has the Environmental Management System of the Group already in place and is certified with ISO 14000. In addition, the Group owns 80 000 hectares of preserved native vegetation.

The farms hold the principle NR 31, by the Department of Labor, that rules on Working Safety in the field. All workers of the Agricultural Division are provided with trainings and equipment of individual or collective protection; good housings, transportation, refectories coordinated by nutritionists and clinics assistance that guarantee safety, wellbeing and health.


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