Parecis-Porto Velho: a survey to establish truck drivers’ profile

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Marca-180402-(Programa-de-Logística-Responsável)The truck drivers operating on the Parecis – Porto Velho route are essential players in grain sales and exports and will have their profile established in a yet unpublished survey performed by AMAGGI in partnership with the Childhood Brasil organization.

The survey’s findings will help the company to understand a number of issues related to the truck drivers’ working conditions – such as accident risk, road safety, quality of life, and even involvement with the issue of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on the road.

The survey conducted from April 6 to 13 by researchers from the Federal University of Sergipe (UFSE) on a sample population of 179 truck drivers, is an initiative of the Sustainability area and is part of AMAGGI’s Responsible Logistics program, which aims to strengthen the company’s good relationship with its transportation suppliers and promote the involved workers’ well-being, as well as minimize the economic and social and environmental impacts of the activities and reduce the risk of accidents on highways and waterways.

The Parecis – Porto Velho route that connects the Campo Novo do Parecis producing region in Mato Grosso and the port terminals of the Rondônia State Capital was chosen for carrying out the survey as it is one of the main routes used by AMAGGI, for the number of truck drivers who usually enter the Porto Velho discharge terminal and for the structure of the region’s main truck stop. The truck drivers were asked about the service received at the units, waiting times, road conditions, stopping points, days away from home, the main causes of accidents, the already known themes of child exploitation, and others.

Qualitative data were also collected from leaders of AMAGGI branches that serve truck drivers, as well as secondary data regarding the main municipalities located along the route – Tangará da Serra, Campo Novo do Parecis, Brasnorte and Sapezal do Júlio in Mato Grosso State, and Vilhena, Cerejeiras and Ariquemes in Rondônia State.

Based on the findings of the truck drivers’ profile, the next step will be to cross-check this information with data from the Financial Engineering, Logistics and Operations and Corporate Security areas so that, together, these areas can propose new actions for the Responsible Logistics program.

childhoodSeveral other actions are provided for in the program, which is aimed at improving the service to AMAGGI partners, protecting Human Rights, and stimulating Social Responsibility in operations and in the value chain.

About Childhood Brasil

Childhood Brasil, a non-profit organization which has been active now for over 10 years, was responsible for developing the Na Mão Certa (“On the Right Lane”) program, a commitment undertaken by AMAGGI in 2014 to address the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents on Brazilian roads through education and awareness of drivers and truck drivers.

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