FALM to work with art education in Cuiabá schools

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A Partnership Agreement was signed by FALM with the City of Cuiabá (Photo: Jorge Pinho)

A Partnership Agreement was signed by FALM with the City of Cuiabá (Photo: Jorge Pinho)

The André and Lucia Maggi Foundation (Fundação André e Lucia Maggi – FALM), an institution that performs AMAGGI’s private social investment, signed a Partnership Agreement with the City of Cuiabá through the Municipal Education Secretariat (SME), for carrying out actions aimed at contributing to integral education of children and adolescents in municipal public schools, through the Casa Maggica project, with art education as a tool.

The Partnership Agreement was signed on Monday (May 7), in a ceremony held at the Cuiabá Municipal Secretariat.

The activities will be performed at the Professor Ranulpho Paes de Barros municipal school in the Santa Izabel neighborhood, and at the Professora Esmeralda de Campos Fontes school located in the Santa Rosa 2 neighborhood. Initially, 151 students aged 11 to 16 from 5th to 7th grades will participate. The activities will already begin on Tuesday (May 8).

The two schools were chosen based on a social and economic diagnosis of the municipality’s regions made by the technical team of the André and Lucia Maggi Foundation in partnership with the SME, which found Cuiabá’s West Region’s potential for implementing social projects.

Through the Casa Maggica Project, the André and Lucia Maggi Foundation carries out activities focused on citizen education through art education. The purpose is to develop citizens and, together with school and family, build a network of young entrepreneurs and protagonists who will in the future contribute to developing the place where they live.

The André and Lucia Maggi Foundation Social Investment Manager Aletéa Rufino explains that the project has already been implemented in Rondonópolis since 2009, in a physical space of the André and Lucia Maggi Foundation. “As of next year, in addition to the activities in schools, the project will also have a physical structure in Cuiabá”.

The Education Secretary Alex Vieira Passos stressed the importance of the partnership. “We encourage initiatives that bring humanization and inclusion to education, increasingly encouraging the involvement of the school community, parents and society”.


Activities are held during off-school hours twice weekly and are totally free. In addition to dance, music, arts and creativity activities with a focus on developing youth protagonism and entrepreneurship, the students’ development, the workshops and the reading circles are also monitored. The families of the participating students are also involved in the activities.

The André and Lucia Maggi Foundation (FALM) is the institution responsible for administrating AMAGGI’s Private Social Investment in the municipalities where the company is present. Its activities are focused on local development, engagement and training of leaderships and social institutions, and developing citizens through art education.

Find out more about the FALM at the website and through Facebook and Youtube.

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